Reviv Wellness IV Therapies Get the edge you need to live a lifestyle without limits at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

REVIV is a global preventive health and wellness brand specializing in the delivery of intravenous and intramuscular therapies, providing the body with the nutrients it needs.

Our therapies have been developed in a laboratory in the USA by specialized doctors to administer the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs. Unlike traditional oral supplements, IV therapies are fast-acting, have a 100% absorption rate, and provide long-lasting effects that will leave you feeling revitalized for longer.

Preventive therapies

Which provide anti-aging effects, sports performance, immune reinforcement, deep body hydration, and prevention of Jet Lag.

Recovery Therapies

Which will help you recover from hangover, food poisoning, and dehydration due to prolonged sun exposure.


Reserve through vacation planners in property. For reservations prior to arrival send request to email



Open Daily. From 9:30 am - 7:00 pm

Located at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, next to the Legendary pool in the Rock Spa® building.


This service does not apply to the Legendary Resort Credit program.